Other Services

Free Consultation

We will spend the initial consultation discovering more about your business and what you have to offer. We will make suggestions for you to decide which would be the best marketing tools for your business.

Daily Analysis

Once each shift has been completed, our professional staff will analyse the data received, and will provide you with a progress report for your perusal.

Data Processing

We believe in the saying "Time is of the Essence". All lead statistics and results are available within 12 hours of calling and can be made available sooner where required.


Our qualified staff are comprehensively trained for each campaign to suit your individual requirements. We encourage clients to meet with the operators prior to undergoing any campaigns or market tests to speak about the product for improved results.


We have voice recording of calls and welcome clients to listen to all sales calls and give us their valuable feedback.

Quality Control

Procedures are implemented to ensure quality is maintained throughout the duration of your campaign. This often involves 'spot-checks' of sales or where necessary a higher authority verification at the end of each sale.