Santel Privacy Policy

Manner and Purpose of Collection of Personal Information

For the service of telemarketing Santel International Pty Ltd primarily utlise data supplied by the client. Other sources where data may be obtained include but are not limited to:

  • White and Yellow Pages
  • List Brokers

Storage and Security of Personal Information

Data received from clients is stored on our computer server. Full access is available to administration staff and limited access is provided to the Telemarketers. The computer system has password security and differing levels of access by administration staff depending on their work status within the company.

Alteration of Records

All customer data that is required to be updated for the purpose of the job will be altered accordingly where possible. In the instance of data from the White and Yellow pages, this information cannot be altered at the source, but is updated in the format we have used, before provided to the client.

Accuracy of Personal Information

It is the responsibility of the client or the list broker to ensure the data they are providing is accurate.

Limits on Use of Personal Information

Should a customer wish to be removed from a list the following action is taken:

  • The customer is removed from the list we have.
  • The client is advised promptly.
  • No further calling to that person is conducted.

Limits on Disclosure of Personal Information

Client supplied customer information is never revealed to any parties outside of Santel International Pty Ltd unless requested by the client or is specifically required. For example, to fulfillment houses (people who print labels and organise large bulk mailing) if necessary. In this instance, it would be discussed with the client prior to undergoing disclosure.

Do Not Call Register

Santel strictly adheres to all rules and regulations of the Do Not Call Register.