Marketing List Tips

In any sort of marketing, your list is the most important tool. The more work you put into refining a list and keeping it updated, the better your telemarketing and direct marketing responses will be. Here are some tips on ways to source profitable lists:

Your Current Database

Your existing customers are the easiest to resell or upsell new products to so keep your database as updated as possible and utilise it as much as you can. This is where database cleansing is useful. Contacting existing customers with a courtesy call to update their contact details and to see if their situation has altered since your last transaction with them can unveil sales opportunities otherwise overlooked.


If you already have an existing customer database, procure referrals. If you have a database of 1000 names and only 1% offer you a referral that is still 10 new potential customers.

Buy a List

There are a number of reputable list brokers around Australia. Most will have the facilities to pin point your target market eg: a particular sized company (number of employees), who the CEO or decision-maker is, and much, much more. Determine your customer demographic and duplicate this across different areas.

Source Your Own

There are many ways to source your own list without having to purchase one. For instance, the white and yellow pages is an almost inexhaustible resource, as is the internet. However, you really need to work on your list before telemarketing. Your results will not be as effective with a thrown together, generalised idea of who you want to market to.

Lead Generation

If all you have is a generalised listing of potential customers, telemarketing can be used to qualify these leads and determine who would suit your product. Once you have a solid list of qualified contacts you can be certain that your ongoing marketing dollars are being well spent.

Create a Wish List

Remember, as a telemarketer, we don't necessarily know the area you live in and the type of business you are surrounded by. Some of the most successful telemarketing has resulted from clients putting together a list of companies they are already aware of and would like to do business with.

We do not recommend cold calling (making a call to someone straight out of the white or yellow pages or a similar generalised list unless you are generating qualified leads). It is the hardest kind of telemarketinig and does not produce the best results.

In a nutshell - The more you can qualify your list, the more you will save.